Route 101 to accounting enlightenment


One of the highlights of my eventful first year producing content for Accounting Insight News was a day spent at ACCA’s London Embankment HQ with Richard Sergeant.

Richard, MD of Bristol-based personal and business development group Principle Point, is a well-respected figure in the UK sphere of accountancy, marketing and software.

He’s a knowledgeable observer of the profession’s habits, practices and idiosyncrasies, which makes him eminently qualified to run his Accountant 101 course.

Insightful dive into the industry

I thoroughly enjoyed his insightful dive into the industry – as did my fellow attendees who were drawn from toe-in-the-water accounting tech start-ups and well-established groups like Thomson Reuters.

Accountant 101 is basically an overview of accountants and the accountancy market for knowledge-hungry vendors who are new to the sector.

It’s also aimed at folk who are curious about accountants as a channel; or for those already in the market, but who want to give staff a knowledge boost.

Role of technology

Here are some Accountant 101 topics:

  • What an accountant actually does, what services they provide, for whom and why.
  • Why all firms are the same, but completely different!
  • The role of technology within a practice, and what they use with clients.
  • The challenges firms face.
  • Why compliance is unlikely to die, and the role of advisory.
  • Business is complex!

Richard runs the course with enthusiasm and humour, always ensuring there’s plenty of opportunity for attendee participation. It all makes for a lively day that goes in a flash.

“I’m just confirming dates now. But I’m looking to run courses in Feb, March and April to coincide with the run up to Accountex,” Richard tells me.

Better understanding

“One of the main draws is to help encourage better understanding of the lives and work of accountants, so you can have better and more productive conversations

“I’d like to believe that this is an ideal way to make sure that all Accountex exhibitors can make the most of their Accountex opportunity.”

Richard is offering a discount of 33 per cent to Accountex exhibitors who sign up for Accountant 101. That would be make the fee £195. Get the lowdown HERE.

Money well spent, if you ask me.