Don’t forget your headspace!


We live in an exciting world where we can extract information instantly, communicate to anyone, anywhere, and go everywhere.

With the pace of life accelerating rapidly and our to-do list forever growing, I want to bring your attention to the one important thing most of us are forgetting – time for you!

I’m not talking about the brunch you had on Saturday or the trip to Italy you made this summer, I’m talking about allocated time for headspace.

Switching off

Switching off from social media and being at one with your thoughts! No, I’m not a wellbeing guru, but I have learnt a lesson or two!

I have always been a social butterfly packing out my weeks with loads of plans, seeing family and friends, endless trips, dinners, always having something to do or organise while progressing a career I love. And this is exactly how I reached burn-out.

Side effects of burning out are insomnia, depression, anxiety, and a range of other health problems.

My top tips

So what can you do to give yourself headspace?

There are number of ways you can make time for you. So here are my top tips:

  • Find a class you love – yoga and meditation are fantastic ways to de-stress (I would highly recommend yoga)
  • Discover the art of doing nothing – saying no to plans and having free evenings.
  • Read a book – this is a great way to let your mind wander.
  • Enjoy social-media-free days – you will be surprised just how much extra time this gives you for yourself.
  • Try the Headspace meditation app – I have only used this once but I have friends that use it regularly and love it.

As well as the above, make sure you have support when you need it. There is no harm in asking for a deadline to be moved,  sharing the workload or off-loading problems to a family member or friend.

Has this made you question how much time you allocate for your headspace?

Have you got any other tips you can share?

Please comment below!