Managing employee payroll records and the art of ballet


Payroll entry is a collaboration between accountants and their clients. It’s like an intricate dance, each relying on the other’s poise and grace.

The problem is the client only did one ballet lesson back when they were seven, and they are stepping on your toes.

The current back and forth system is clumsy and time consuming.

Clients keep track of their employees’ hours on timesheets (*shudders*), spreadsheets, word documents or sometimes even a napkin.

Then they send it to the payroll bureau who is then required to input the same data manually into their own system and no matter how perfect accountants are, they are mere humans and also make mistakes. So the margin for error is maximised by this manual duplication of data entry.

Not only that, but it takes for ever and let’s face it it’s boring. Those ballet classes are starting to look appealing. Hours are spent on this menial task of inputting payroll information into payroll systems.

More often than not there’s at LEAST one thing that needs to be redone because Dean forgot to tell you that one of his employees died three years ago and that Niamh (who’s 37) should have been paying student contributions all this time but this is of course all your fault because you are the bureau, how could you have let this happen?! How dare you!

The problem is that you are normally drip fed this information and it can get so bad you have to hunt your client down, kick in their door in the middle of the night while pointing a shotgun in their face and screaming “WHAT WAS ABDULLAH’S OFFICIAL START DATE” to get any information around here!

Well you can finally put that gun down because I have some good news for you! Brightpay have designed a new bit of kit as part of their BrightPay Connect Bureau Feature and it is a game-changer.

This new feature – called Client Payroll Entry – is precisely what it sounds like; a feature that gives payroll bureau the ability to send payroll requests to their clients. The client, (yes the CLIENT) then enters hours worked, additions, deductions and can even add new starters and all their details into BrightPay Connect through their online employer dashboard. The information entered by the client will then seamlessly flow through the portal and sync with the payroll software on the bureau’s end! So this means:

  • No more manual data duplication.
  • Hours saved of administrative time (which could be spent down the pub or catching up on reruns of Four In A Bed).
  • Increased transparency – no more being blamed for errors made by the clients as they now have control over their own data entry.
  • No more having to ‘chase’ information and risk being jailed for life in the process.
  • Automation will eliminate the email document exchange (woohoo!) and provide a more secure and accurate reading of timesheets.
  • Potentially more ballet lessons?

So there you have it. Your payroll entry nightmare is now a seamless collaboration between you and your dance partner who is now as graceful as a gazelle and prancing around the place on their tiptoes while the crowds roar and throw roses at your feet.

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