Accountants search for an intelligent solution


We are experiencing a digital transformation that means in accounting, as with many areas in life, it’s standard practice to order many services online.

It’s so easy to “Google” information and quickly compare reviews and competencies for accounting firms.

In addition, today’s customers often need more than “just numbers” – they want business advice based on their financial data.

Business intelligence solution

Therefore, it is important to ask the following question: “Can we/you offer a complete digital business intelligence solution for our customers?”

Time is usually considered to be one of the most valuable assets for accountants.

A good BI solution will reduce manual tasks so that you can free up time to become your customer’s No 1 financial adviser.

Key figures

With a good BI solution, you should be able to present reports and key figures to your clients at any time, so they always have access to fresh data. A complete online solution makes this possible.

A flexible BI solution that provides great opportunities for creating customised reports is also essential to meeting your client demands.

Sound basis

Customised reports give clients better financial control and a sound basis for decision-making.

They also help to emphasise factors that are particularly important to your customer’s success.

Often, a lot of time is spent on daily operational tasks that make it easy to forget the overall goals.

Personalised dashboard

With a personalised dashboard that displays updated figures, the client can easily locate, for example, outstanding claims, balance year-to-date, actual to budget, which customers are most profitable.

A powerful BI solution enables the accounting firm to meet today’s customer preferences and create added value for both the customer and the accounting firm.

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