What do Accountex visitors think about the show?


Welcome to the last Daily Insight for this week. I’m off on a long weekend break. But fear not, I’ll be back on Monday. Today I’m devoting Accounting Insight News‘s regular update to some of the 7,000-plus visitors at Accountex 2018 at ExCeL in London last week.

Accountant Nicola Donnelly, a  first-time visitor to Accountex and Accountex Summit North, kindly agreed to write a short blog for us about her experiences of both shows. So, first up, here’s Nicola:

I’m Nicola from MEND Accounting, based in Liverpool. My practice was created to help small sole traders and limited companies have an out sourced bookkeeper, and accountant. I love the bookkeeping side of accountancy, and creating financial statements for year end. However, for my larger clients, I do the bookkeeping and work closely with their chartered accountant to help them prepare for audit.

In my free time, I take part in running a Facebook group to support new bookkeepers and accountants in starting their own business called Accounting & Bookkeeping support (AAT, ICB students and qualified).

Such a buzz in the room

I’d never attended Accountex before, but when I heard about the North Summit, I thought this was an opportunity for me to go along and see what it was all about. There was such a buzz in the room, I got to meet some of my accountancy heroes like Elaine Clark from cheapaccounting Ltd who ran a Women in Accounting roundtable, and Amanda C. Watts who focused on marketing for accountancy practices. I was also introduced to Zoe Lacey-Cooper he director of Accountex. I love the way she has projected the image of a strong independent women in a male dominated industry.

I decided then there that I had to attend the London event. I’d been told it was double the size and over two days… so I booked it.

I have to say, it was an amazing experience, 260 speakers over two days, including Mark Lee, Mark Wickersham, Amanda C. Watts, Elaine Clark, John Whelan, Brad Burton, not to mention the software providers’ stands.

A brilliant addition to an amazing day

Being a sole practitioner, I learn mostly by reading articles online. So how impressed was I by being able to speak to multiple software providers and their customers at Accountex, Seriously, if you didn’t visit this year you really are missing out! I couldn’t wait to sign up for some of the software when I got home. I have dates in my diary all week for calls with different suppliers.

The Accountex #myfirmsapp was amazing, I was able to plan my seminars in advance getting a text alert to remind me where I needed to be next. This was a brilliant addition to an amazing day. It’s so easy to get side-tracked when chatting to the exhibitors (and eating the sweets/ goodies).

I still can’t believe I got all this CPD, access to speak to all these software providers, and the opportunity network with hundreds of accountants and bookkeepers at many different stages in their journey. Not to mention the huge motivation and inspiration … and the books…. so many free books. All for free!

Ill definitely be at the next Accountex,… my only issue will be how I can split my self in 10 so I see all the speakers!

Here’s what a few more of Accountex visitors had to say:

“I thought the show was excellent and full of resourceful information for business both for accountants and those who have to do accounting themselves.”
Bharti Parmar Ms, tutor, Cubic Zirconium Foundation.

“In an age of bloated inboxes and an overwhelming information stream through social media channels, Accountex is a truly efficient way to collect information and chat to relevant people in the business of accounting.”
Markus Mantere, business developer and sales guy, Arkimera Robotics AB.

“I visited Accountex 2017 for one day and ran out of time. I spent two days at Accountex 2018 and still ran out of time, but made some excellent connections and look forward to doing the same in 2019 as well as visiting the Accountex Summit North to see what that has for visitors.”
Steve Darnell, director, Enquir3.

“As a small sole practitioner I found it useful to have discussions with software providers. Also, the seminars provided many useful viewpoints in these rapidly changing times.
John Hollow, director, Leddra Perry & Co.

“Essential for all Accountants in practice… not to be missed!”
Andy Downs, accountant, Independent Taxation and Web Services.

“Anyone who is somebody or wished to remain relevant in tax and accounting always attends Accountex!”
Olusegun Kazim, managing director, Certax Accounting, Basingstoke and Newbury.

“Thank you to Accountex organisers. Job well done.”
Bhupen Mehta, director, R B ACCOUNTANCY SERVICES

“Accountex is an unmissable opportunity to see so much innovation and creativity in the accountancy profession.”
Aleem Islan, technical consultation manager, Association of Accounting Technicians

“Accountex is a must for every accountant who is forward-looking and willing to make a genuine improvement to his/her practice operations.”
Godwin Falade, managing consultant, Godwin Falade & Co.

“The round tables were interactive, insightful and incredibly relevant to everyone. It utilised accountants soft skills in a way no other seminar did. I found these sessions invaluable.”
Ceyrilia Francis-Kirton, financial controller, Pentagram Design.

“It was my first time at this event, I was looking for new accounting software and this was an ideal place to talk with various software providers to see what was on offer. I was able to tell the providers what i was looking for in the software as an end user and some of the providers said it was something they hadn’t thought about and would include it in the development! It’s an excellent event not only to get the latest information and insight, but also to provide feedback to suppliers.”
Abbas Shah, partner, Hallam Jones

“Great day out at Accountex. This was our first visit and it was a great way to meet lots of suppliers under one roof. We found several pieces of software we will be purchasing and also using some of the exhibitors as service suppliers.”
Karen Healy, Managing Director, Just Payroll Services.

Well, there you have it…. see you next week.